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Computer Activity Department

Computer activity The computer department in the company is witnessing continuous development in all fields.

1-Carry out ongoing maintenance on computers and accessories belonging to company departments and maintenance of viruses software and introduce updates to them in line with developments in computer systems.The system of personnel and the system of inventory of computers as well as the management of external systems such as the system of mechanisms and the unified accounting system. . 2-  Maintain Internet connection, E-mail management, The field of defining the company's achievements and announcing the products and expertise it owns or the tenders it submits to the secondary contractors. . 3-The use of geographic information systems (GIS) as a means of relying primarily on the use of computers in the collection, processing, presentation and analysis of data in geographic locations and the reproduction of information of great importance in making appropriate decisions. 4-Organizing courses for company employees or other configurations in the field of basic computer systems using computer technology in presentation and simplification